We are passionate about collecting memories using visual storytelling.

Stories connect us to our past, to our present and to the future.

As graphic journalists, we combine sketches, maps, photographs and lettering to create a Visual Stories that is as unique as your business, as unique as you.

It’s engaging, it’s magnetic – people read it!


sketch notes from keynote speech
Businesses search for innovative ways to engage with their audience. We help you tell your business story and deliver messages using distinct visual storytelling that immediately captures peoples attention, whether it’s prospective clients or employees. They aren’t run-of-the-mill messages and  guess what, people read them. Isn’t that what you are ultimately seeking?

Your business has a history – how it began, where the idea came from, and who was there. We can draw out your business story from the humble beginnings to the present day highlighting the history of people involved, and the progress to your successful enterprise. The business history map can be used to honour retiring staff, recognize important strategic relationships and enlighten new employees on your company values.




excerpt from family history
Your memories matter. We translate your life stories into a visual story creating a legacy that can be shared now and for future generations.  Life is varied. People are unique. So are the many themes and time frames that can be captured in Visual Life Stories. Has your family immigrated from another country? What was life like when you were young? It is a significant accomplishment to reestablish and reinvent in a unfamiliar culture.  Is that part of your story?  If not then what is your story or the story of a dear loved one?  Sharing the stories of life that have held great meaning is a powerful experience for the storyteller.




Excerpt from graphic travel story
You love traveling and so do we! Using information you provide to us, we can create a beautiful accordion travel journal or book so you can relive it over and over again.

We love working with travel tour companies to create customized travel stories for their guests. Do you create once in a lifetime experiences for people? Do you want them to keep that memory alive? Talk to us.