Here is a sampling of our works in progress…

Brian Lamb Celebration of Life

celebration book cover

It was a sad day in March when Brian Lamb passed away. His family wanted to honour his legacy of service to the community. We helped them by creating a celebration of life booklet and slide show that was shared and shown at a well attended event in his honour.

The volume of images and stories we collected for the celebration of life (a small 5.5” x 17” 8-panel accordion booklet) provided an opportunity to tell the full story of his life. We are currently working on this larger Visual Life Story that includes more details about his contributions, his work, his family, his life.

“It takes a special person with unique skills to create a visual representation of a beloved family member who recently passed away. Deborah LeFrank of Visual Life Stories worked tirelessly to produce a story booklet of my brother’s life. Our family had no hesitation in welcoming Deborah into our emotional lives as we loved Brian to the very end.”

– Allan Lamb


Ross Fukui Life Story

man with cherry blossom in the background

Our client, Ross’s granddaughter is undertaking the interviews and writing of his life story. We will soon pull together the story with the many old photographs we have scanned and the supporting images we have found to tell the story of a Japanese grandfather who worked hard to support his family.

“This project has reconnected me to my grandpa. The best part is there is nothing I will ever regret or leave for guessing through books and photographs. I have the first hand version. Recording this story and capturing the photos and giving it back to him will be amazing!”

– Kimiko Foster


Maple Leaf Adventures

maple leaf tour sample page

Picture this. You are standing on the deck of a small ship when a whale breaks through the watery surface and splashes back with magnificent bravado. Your heart starts pounding. The experience is truly amazing and you swear you will never forget it.

Another season of adventure has begun at Maple Leaf Adventures and we are very pleased to be continuing our relationship with this exemplary company creating Visual Travel Stories for guests on a selection of their tours.



melissa haynes sketch notes

Participants at conferences and presentations are often overwhelmed with information. Deborah loves creating sketchnotes. Visual note taking was one of her starting points for the journey into creating Visual Life Stories.

Sketchnotes can be easily shared within minutes of the presentation being over and are a quick way for participants to review and digest the valuable information being shared. Contact us today to talk about your next meeting or conference.