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How to Transcribe your Voice into Story

It’s very powerful reading your own story, written in your own voice. Maybe you’re wondering…is that easy to do? Well yes actually it is easy to transcribe your story. When you record a story, […]

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How to get a Storyteller talking?

It can be hard to encourage someone, even a natural storyteller to share their stories especially when they think they won’t remember or if some of the stories might be a bit painful. Getting […]

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Do you take your own advice? My milestone birthday

If you’ve been following along this visual journey, you will know that I love to share my ideas aka – give my advice. I share advice on how to collect your memories, how to […]

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Where will life’s river take you this year?

Where will life’s river take you this year? This is the time many are considering a new years resolution. Are you looking forward to the surprises that will unfold? It certainly was a big surprise […]

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How to Collect Memories from a Special Feast

I love this time of year, not for the craziness that happens around anything retail but for the effort that people make to gather together, to break bread, raise a glass, give a hug, […]

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How to Open Your Memory Bank & Record Memories

How to open your memory bank or someone else’s and begin to record memories? It can be tricky especially with people who are worried they won’t remember. How often in a week do you […]

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3 Key Tips to Collecting Memories

Some people think that collecting memories is a complicated process but in our experience that doesn’t need to be the case. Oh sure you can make just about anything complicated but with our Three […]

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Storytelling and my journey as a Memory Collector

When I tell people I’m a Memory Collector, they often smile. I think it’s because their mind is triggered, there’s a curiosity of “what does this mean”. Storytelling and Memory Collecting go hand in […]

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What does bearing witness mean?

When Bob told me stories of his time in the Middle East, I felt like we were both experiencing the feeling of bearing witness. For me it was in my role as Memory Collector, […]

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Must Read Books for Summer

Summertime and the living is easy. Such a great cliché but I just had to use it. I attempted to sing that song this past week as I lay in sick bay with shingles […]

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Tips for celebrating milestones, like a 150th birthday for instance

For the past 25 years a gaggle of friends has gathered on the edge of the Pacific Ocean. It all started when dear friends invited us on their honeymoon. The cabins along the shore […]

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Cherished memories – Meeting your love

The story of meeting your true love, your first real love, your wife, your husband, your partner in crime and life… now that’s a story to share. We are happy to share these cherished […]

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It’s been a blast! The power of nostalgia

When we finished helping Bob tell his life story, the title for his book just had to be, “It’s been a blast”. He was living in rural PEI when at the age of 15 […]

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Learning to play with the Lion’s testicles

I can take no credit for this intriguing title but I’m pretty sure it caught your attention. It comes from an African saying prompting you to face your fears. Author Melissa Haynes learned this […]

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Are You A Good Listener?

This image is from our free download of 17 Magic Questions from the early years of life. Once you’ve asked a great question and someone starts down their story trail, where does your mind […]

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How do you collect your memories?

In my last newsletter I wrote about my addiction to email and my device, (it seems I’m not alone). This time I’m talking about another one of my obsessions, collecting memories.

I know there are […]

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Collecting Memories & Preserving Your Ancestry

Summer is often that time of year when family reunions happen. It’s a chance to see far-flung relatives, to live and revive traditions and to share stories from the past keeping your ancestry alive. […]

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Nature Journaling – Collecting Nature Memories

Have you ever been in nature and thought, “this is so beautiful, I don’t want to forget it”. I certainly had that experience last summer on Haida Gwaii where we travelled in the footsteps […]

Celebrating Community

For the last five years I have received a calendar created by Blue Heron Art for Christmas. The message of celebrating community was clear and I needed to meet this woman who is also […]

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Who is on Your Team?

The ship is sailing with a dynamic crew at the helm. That’s a daily occurrence for the folks at Maple Leaf Adventures. We are delighted to continue our relationship with this award winning company. […]