People think in stories. Stories connect us to our past, to our present
and to the future.

Does your company have a story or a message you want to share?
Do you know someone (maybe you) who has lived a rich and full life and wants to capture those memories?
Have your travels taken you to places you dreamed of and don’t want to forget?

At Visual Life Stories, our graphic journalists, are passionate about using beautiful words and captivating images to tell stories that create powerful, engaging, precious legacies in the form of beautifully crafted accordion style books.

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Thrifty's bookletBusiness communication is all about telling a story.  Your business is unique.  So is your story.  Our visual stories easily communicate your message, your brand and capture the attention of your customers and staff in a format people want to see.   BUSINESS STORIES
Katie & Julien1Stories matter – as we age, our stories tend to fade.  We are committed to bringing them back to life, turning them into visual life stories that showcase the beauty of life’s twists and create a legacy for future generations to remember and enjoy.  PERSONAL STORIES
GreatBearRainforest_141278Travel changes us.  It exposes us to places, people and dreamy vistas that expand our view of the world.  We help document and preserve your travel memories in a visual story so you can share the adventure and relive it over and over again.  TRAVEL STORIES